charming wedding photos in Cologne

Wedding photography in Cologne – charming wedding photos in the imposing cathedral city on the Rhine

The wedding is in almost all cultures of the world a meaningful occasion of the covenant of life of two people closed. In Germany civilly a legally binding contract that evidences the marriage law, the marriage vows but has a far greater significance. It is a commitment of love and the intimate bond. A decision and a vow to pursue life together in mutual trust and with all its highlights and challenges. A unique event in the life of a couple which represents the beginning of the marriage and full of moments of deep emotion and happy moments. Completed the wedding in a special ceremony, the occasion in a solemnity is celebrated. In every culture in other charming ways and with different customs.

Cologne is a wonderful city to get married. With their magnificent imposing Gothic Cathedral from the 13th century and its magnificent location on the Rhine, who knew the ancient Romans to estimate 50 BC, Cologne opened not only many impressions, but also numerous nice venues for weddings. Cologne is famous not only for the annual Carnival, but also as a city of music, art and culture. Romance can be here in this town not long in coming. As a wedding photographer, I accompanied many weddings in Cologne, traditionally German, Church and also intercultural marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions. In what style and what kind you also honorably designed your wedding and celebrating, I love to join you on your individual solemnity and capture photographically and also film this meaningful occasion with all his happy, emotional and special moments including the many little details for you. Let the charming, authentic and romantic memories emerge, which again and again relive your wedding in image and movie.

Wedding photo and filming in the middle of the busy city of Cologne

Every wedding is unique and expresses the individuality of the bride and groom and his family. As a professional wedding photographer I will accompany you unobtrusively in the background all day and catch every moment of your wedding and of you as a bride and groom in detail. The styling and the preparation before the ceremony over the festive ceremony to the lively cheerful wedding party and their worthy end. We can keep you in your individual and togetherness and stuck with your personal charisma as a pair in photographs and portraits in the separate Newlyweds Shooting. Here you can incorporate your own ideas, dreams and ideas in connections with the fantastic scenes of Cologne.

As a wedding photographer I also offer a wedding film in Cologne along with our film crew, through the many moments of the wedding, the newlyweds and the wedding guests are held forever alive. Through the film, especially the sounds, dances and events of the wedding party as well as the statements and interviews of the couple and the guests can be captured and fixed forever, so that you also in the future can experience new life the day again.

Your wedding photographer in Cologne – romantic and artistic wedding pictures for eternity

Whether you celebrate a civil, religious or cultural wedding, as a professional wedding photographer, I stand on your wedding to the side and hold your special day in expressive wedding photos, reportages and portraits for you. Together, we can create authentic, beautiful and artistic memories which remain unforgettable. I have accompanied more than 200 weddings and I am also with experience, know-how and a high-quality professional modern equipment like in Cologne at the disposal to capture all moving moments in excellent wedding pictures. With our film crew I also offer the production of a wedding film in Cologne, where you can also tell your wedding story and your own love and as memory with all the details taken life in the future.

Wedding film Cologne - arab wedding

You’ll get a glimpse of my work for example from the here presented intercultural Moroccan Persian wedding of Mariam and Ahmed in Cologne, which we were allowed to witness and documented in addition to wedding photographs in a wedding movie. A magical Oriental dream wedding like in a fairy tale from the thousand and one nights.