Wedding photographer for gay & lesbian weddings

Wedding photographer for gay & lesbian weddings – the knot in wonderful souvenir pictures

The decision to enter into the covenant for a life together, as well as for men and women of the same-sex couples a significant step. “Registration of the partnership” on the civil registry, the partnering is formally, officially, contractually and legally justified, but this event is far more than just a legal act for gay or lesbian couples. It is a meaningful commitment and a promise of love, solidarity, mutual trust and embark on the common path of life with all ups and downs. If also recognised by law in Germany “not yet” as marriage, the entering into a civil partnership for same-sex couples is exactly that. Prompted of the closure of a gay or lesbian marriage is designed by the couple mostly as ceremonial, festive, traditional and romantic and celebrated as civil weddings of heterosexual marriage couples.

Wedding photographer for gay & lesbian weddings

Wedding photographer for gay & lesbian weddings

As an experienced photographer for gay and lesbian weddings I’ve immortalized many same-sex weddings as the most beautiful and significant event of the partnership for couples in wedding movies, photographs and reports.

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Gladly I will accompany you as a professional wedding photographer for weddings of gay and lesbian weddings on your big day and keep the important moments of this high event and as a loving couple with all your guests in memorable photographs lasting reminder for your expressive and authentic laid.

Images in which you again find – the photo shoot at your wedding

The marriage of gay and lesbian couples is something very special. With professionalism, empathy, and passion for beautiful, authentic, creative, natural and emotional expressive images, I discreetly like to accompany you throughout the day. Of the preparations on the Declaration and certification on the registry up to the celebrations afterwards. In the photoshoot what is important to me is your individual natural personality, as a same-sex couple, your emotions to highlight your radiance and peculiarities, as well as what makes your relationship to capture, beautiful expressive paintings authentic to hold you. It’s not about simply as a conventional wedding couple to represent you, but, above all, that you yourselves, so as you are, also finds in your wedding pictures. Inconspicuous in the background I take on your true large and small special moments. You can watch all natural, emotional and disturbed every moment of this wonderful event indulge and you do not have to adjust for the photo shoot. In the separate pair of shooting we design together personal and beautiful snapshots of your togetherness as a couple, in which you can incorporate your ideas and visions and your personal relationship can bring to the expression. Lifelike and individually I develop your fascinating authentically beautiful wedding pictures which will vividly forever remind you of this great day.

Your professional wedding photographer for gay and lesbian weddings

Together we create wonderful and special memories of the meaningful and emotional occasion. As a professional photographer I specialize in including wedding pictures for gay and lesbian weddings. I develop you with experience, expertise and a high-quality equipment custom wedding pictures, wedding reportage, portraits and wedding films that vividly tell your personal story and capture the emotions that broadcast and events of that day realistically forever.