Wedding pictures so distinctive and interesting as Berlin

Berlin has many faces. In particular, the face of a world city in terms of culture, science,
Business, politics and media. The German capital city and the seat of the Government. Is a major venue of world history and the Centre of great historical events and glorious eras. The modern lifestyle metropolis. The old ruined or forgotten legacies. The face as “UNESCO – City of design”. It is a national and internationally famous party venue with festivals, events and vibrant night life. It is an internationally popular and most visited tourism centre. The natural green and water-rich city or also face of diverse living conditions and ways of life. These are only a few faces and sides of very many, because no other city is so diverse, varied, rich and full of contrasts as Berlin, for which the city is famous all over the world.

So impressive, interesting and fascinating, how does Berlin act as a wedding city? The photographic evidence of your big day will be so fantastic. As a wedding photographer in Berlin I worked out together and of course individual authentic wedding photographs, coverage, wedding portraits and wedding movies, in which not only the special and lively moments of this great day will be shown, but the many facets, contrasts and fascinating peculiarities of Berlins’ wonderful reflection in conjunction with your individual personality. So, your photographic memories of the wedding are not only beautiful, but also very interesting, exciting, original, artistic and urban romantic. Photographs and documentaries that make your beautiful personal wedding story captivating.
Photo shot at your wedding in the diverse exciting Berlin

A wedding is a significant, highly festive, very emotional and very special occasion, which is filled with unique moments in a full day. On your big day I will accompany you as a wedding photographer in Berlin unobtrusively from the exciting preparations before the climax – up to the festivities afterwards. Berlin offers many attractive and special venues, whose flair, ambience and highlights are not only wonderful places to celebrate, but besides offers fantastic designs and scenes in each of its districts for you as a bride and groom and your wedding guests.

Berlin Wedding Photographer

My name is grit Erlebach and for you, I’m available all over Germany Austria Italy France and of Switzerland. I look forward to welcome you on my site. In the middle of the action and yet unobtrusive, special perspective and experience are the guarantee for beautiful wedding photos of your most important day.

Also, Berlin for the separate individual newlyweds shooting opened a variety of unique scenes. Characterized by contradictions and peculiarities Berlin presents including the magnificent and crumbled buildings, modern and historical places, with vibrant streets filled with life and tacit deserted streets, Prussian villas and old robust factories, imposing large avenues and small lonely art-decorated streets, towering monuments and running underground bunkers and high halls or stately halls and small hidden romantic courtyards, the equally fascinating designs , Backgrounds, scenes and impressions as do the famous sights, the impressive bridges, the panoramic roof terraces, some Metro stations, the idyllic parks or people and street artists of Berlin.
The city of Berlin offers a variety of unique, inspirational, famous and unknown places for attractive wedding shots and thus a wonderful opportunity to give rise to special and very interesting wedding pictures. During our wedding photo shots in Berlin I capture your personality, your emotional moments and togetherness in conjunction with the selected specific authentic environment, natural and real life lively broadcast. So, we can all create together beautiful, expressive, exciting, original and urban romantic wedding pictures or something very special.

Your wedding photographer in Berlin – urban romantic and special kind of wedding memories

As a Berlin wedding photographer, I know my way around the city very well and can point you in Berlin fascinating scenes and venues for your wedding and wedding photographs. In preliminary talks, we can get to know ourselves, exchange ideas together and choose the appropriate location for the photo shoot after your taste and personal style as well as your wishes, ideas and plans. Together, we can create special and unique situations of your wedding and you as a couple, which I hold in high-quality developed photos and reports, so that you can take them as lively acting and permanent wonderful memories in the future. Rather than producing asked, stiff and artificial-looking shots, I value my work on the naturalness, vitality and authenticity of the moment and of the people, especially when it comes to people’s emotions, men and for moving, as well as significant events, such as weddings. As a result, real and of course beautiful snapshots of you and your big day in wonderful and with the urban romanticism of Berlin in interesting wedding photographs arise.