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Hallo ich bin Marco und kümmere mich um euren Hochzeitsfilm

Hallo ich bin Marco und kümmere mich um euren Hochzeitsfilm

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What is H2N Wedding Movies?

We are a professional team consisting of cameramen (Marco, Chris, and Christoph ) and editors (Grit and Adrian).

What is so special about your wedding movies?

Our team operates in a perfectly coordinated way. The filming is done in a most discreet manner during the wedding and the various events connected with it. We stay discreetly in the background and use lenses with special features in order for the brides to look beautiful. Our team does not influence the event – we don’t stage and don’t direct but just document. After the event, our editors create a film out of the footage. With a sense and touch for special moments, attentive camera work and artistic editing combine to give life to wonderful wedding movies.

What do you like about personal wedding movies?

We’ve noticed pretty fast that plenty of true emotions are to be seen at weddings. The bride’s feelings of happiness at her approaching marriage, the groom’s pride, and all the tears of joy of family and friends. We strive to capture these emotions on film as they happen. Modern digital technology allows us to shoot a wedding as a feature film. All the nice shots, the emotional moments, the merry settings make a very personal movie. Moreover, there are so many different traditions and customs of celebrating weddings that it is a very particular thing, indeed, to make wedding movies. For us, it’s the ideal job! The moment the newly-wed couple watches, for the first time, the completed film of their own wedding is one of the the most beautiful parts of our job.

How long have you been making movies?

We’ve been producing movies since 2004. We’ve made among others documentary films, image films, reports, publicity films. We’ve founded as a large network for film makers. We’ve been successfully producing wedding films for more than three years.

What kind of technology do you use?

Fast lenses allow us to film even in dark rooms without additional lighting. We use Full HD cameras in order to get the best possible picture and the maximal depth of field. High-quality wireless microphones and fieldrecorders catch the sound. We film movements with the help of a steadycam, a slider and a dolly. Special timelap-cameras allow us to make time-lapse recordings.