Wedding photography in Cologne – charming wedding photos in the imposing cathedral city on the Rhine The wedding is in almost all cultures of the world a meaningful occasion of the covenant of life of two people closed. In Germany civilly a legally binding contract that evidences the marriage law, […]

Wedding photographer for gay & lesbian weddings – the knot in wonderful souvenir pictures The decision to enter into the covenant for a life together, as well as for men and women of the same-sex couples a significant step. “Registration of the partnership” on the civil registry, the partnering is […]

Arabic wedding – an oriental fairy tale union of life The world is rich in different cultures with diverse traditions, customs, practices and rituals in a splendid and beautiful variety which also presents itself in the manner in which weddings are celebrated. In particular, in cultural or even intercultural weddings […]


maldives wedding photography

Most beautiful German wedding photos 2015 The wedding magazine “Zankyou Weddings” posted in their online gallery “the most beautiful German wedding photos 2015”. With the exhibition of wedding photos, a competition was organized, where numerous readers of the magazine could choose their favorites. The result is firm. A total of […]