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  • Mariam and Ahmed – Arabic Wedding Cologne
  • Mariam and Ahmed – Arabic Wedding Cologne

    Mariam and Ahmed – Arabic Wedding Cologne

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Arabic wedding – an oriental fairy tale union of life

The world is rich in different cultures with diverse traditions, customs, practices and rituals in a splendid and beautiful variety which also presents itself in the manner in which weddings are celebrated. In particular, in cultural or even intercultural weddings like an Arab wedding, the celebration of the bond of marriage is done in a particularly religious, venerable, magnificent and multifaceted manner. Arab weddings are often reminiscent of an Oriental fairy tale of a thousand and one night.

Arab wedding ceremonies and wedding celebrations with tradition and customs

An Arab wedding is held in a religious ceremony in accordance with the Islamic religion or, depending on the faith; ancient oriental, orthodox, or Christian church and many cultural customs. The traditions, customs and rituals can be quite different in Arab weddings, as there are quite different cultural wedding ceremonies in the Arab regions, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Jordan or Iraq. Nevertheless, the Arab weddings of the different cultures also have similarities in their celebration. The wedding event usually takes place with a high festive effort and often with a lot of guests over several days.

A long tradition on the eve of the wedding has been the henna night which originates in Persia as well as Northwest India, and is widely practiced in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and India as the most important symbolic wedding ceremonies. On this evening, the bride’s hands, arms and even her feet are elegantly decorated with Mehndi adornments. This is an artistic body painting in delicate ornament patterns with the red-brown plant extracts of the henna shrub. The ritual henna painting is symbolic of love, happiness, fertility and beauty before the wedding. The Henna night and Mehndi procedure take place in a festive circle with relatives and friends of the bride.

Another tradition is the “morning gift” (Arabic: Mahr) with the closest family members in the early morning hours before the wedding ceremony. The bridegroom and / or the parents of the bridegroom bring precious gifts to the bride, such as precious jewelry or valuables which serve as collateral for the financial security of the future wife.

After the wedding ceremony, the Arab religious wedding ceremony takes place, during which the bride and groom solemnly say the “yes word” to a venerable Imam, the religious head of an Islamic community. At the beginning of the Muslim wedding, an Arabic hymn of praise to Allah and a reading of verses from the Koran is held. During the ceremony, the wedding rings are exchanged and the marriage contract is signed with the marriage witnesses. The reception, the wedding procession and the opening of the festivities then follow afterwards.

The Arab wedding is very ostentatious and adorned with noble colorful decorations of cloths, pillows, candles, scented flowers and accessories and accompanied by music, dances and entertaining performances. Contrary to traditional European weddings, during the wedding day, the bride wears several beautiful dresses embroidered and/or embellished with pearls, stones, lace and jewelry. Very often, the dresses of an Arab bride are not only white, but are traditionally designed in bright colors, such as pink, red, turquoise, emerald, blue, gold or other luminous colorations. The powerful, cheerful colors are supposed to emit sparkling joy of life and happiness. Dressed in her noble robes and stylish jewelry, the bride of an Arab wedding appears amazingly beautiful like an oriental princess from a fairy tale.

Quite in the individual style: oriental traditions, cultures and modern customs combined

The traditions and customs of an Arab wedding have evolved over centuries or even thousands of years in the different regional cultures and are part of the wedding ceremonies. However, in the organization of an Arab wedding, bridal couples are also increasingly involved in modern customs, elements and styles of a wedding celebration, celebrating the event in a loose, relaxed style. For example, it is customary at a traditional Arab wedding that the men and women at the wedding party celebrate separately among themselves, and the wedding ceremony as well as the photo shoots are the only joint appearance of the wedding couple and the wedding guests. The Arab wedding is being increasingly celebrated together with the entire wedding company in one room. Even in the choice of the music; it is no longer just traditional oriental sounds which fill the air but also modern or international music rhythms are danced together with joy.

Without completely abandoning cultural traditions, more and more bridal couples are also focusing on an individual style that combines tradition, modernity and their own personality during the presentation and the organization of their Arab wedding.

Wherever love falls: as a wedding photographer, I always accompany intercultural weddings with joy. The Arab culture is particularly characterized by a large number of different wedding ceremonies in the cultural areas and regions. The intercultural weddings have a special fascination, as the various customs, rituals and ceremonies from different cultures are harmoniously combined or supplemented to a certain extent. For example, Arab-Indian weddings or German-Arab weddings such as the wedding of Madeleine and Jamal in Berlin or Moroccan-Persian weddings such as the wedding of Miriam and Ahmed in Cologne which I accompanied as a wedding photographer. The diversity and richness of the intercultural wedding traditions create a magical and an amazing uniqueness which I capture both authentically and creatively in video and keep for the future.

Your wedding photographer – photographs and videos of your Arab wedding

As a professional wedding photographer, I would like to accompany you on your Arab or intercultural wedding and document this special, eccentric and great event together with you in photography and film. With our filmmaking team, we will capture you in film and sound during the preparations, the cultural ceremonies, customs and rituals of the Arab wedding as well as the emotional, happy and special moments throughout the celebration.

The videos of the magical, joyful intercultural wedding of Madeleine and Jamal in Berlin or the oriental fairy tale wedding of Miriam and Ahmed in Cologne will give you an insight into my work.

No matter where you want to celebrate your Arab wedding ceremony and wedding reception, I work as a wedding photographer in Cologne and in many other regions. Each wedding individually tells its own story in a special way. I am already very excited for yours and look forward to immortalizing it for you in professional recordings.

Grit Erlebach - Wedding Photographer

Grit Erlebach - Wedding Photographer

My name is Grit Erlebach. I am based in Berlin, but I am available as a wedding photographer throughout Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.
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