Heidelberg Wedding Photography

  • Maili and Jürgen – Wedding  Heidelberg
  • Maili and Jürgen – Wedding  Heidelberg

    Maili and Jürgen – Wedding Heidelberg

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Wedding photographer of Heidelberg – wedding pictures in the Centre of romance

With its picturesque Baroque and medieval historic quarter passing Neckar and over her enthroned famous castle ruin on the north slope of the King Chair as well as the charming flair of the entire territory of the neighbouring Odenwald, Heidelberg is one of the most romantic cities in Germany. Once the Palatine residence Heidelberg was almost destroyed during the Second World War, remained intact and impressed as a result even today with its historical noble charm and their romantic aura.
The town image radiates not only the romantic atmosphere. Heidelberg is not only the oldest and most prestigious university in Germany a stronghold of science, research and medicine, but also has always been a city of culture, poetry and literature. Many famous poets, philosophers and writers lived, worked and loved in Heidelberg and often the city became the subject of their works or were inspired by it. These include, inter alia, Oswald von Wolkenstein (1377-1445), Joseph Victor von Scheffel (1826-1886) and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). Heidelberg has been classified as a UNESCO City of Literature in the year 2014. Around Heidelberg are told not only many poems, songs and romantic love stories, but also weddings, bridal couples write their own love story and enter the marriage in the romantic flair of the city.
As a wedding photographer I am very often on the road in Baden-Württemberg and always glad to accompany the bride and groom on their romantic wedding in Heidelberg and its surroundings and to hold the high rise with his moving emotions, ceremonies, customs and moments in unique wedding photographs and wedding movies. Like I’m developing with and for you as a professional wedding photographer fantastic, romantic and authentic memories of your beautiful big day in photographs, reports of the wedding, wedding portraits, and also in a wedding video, your individual love story video tells.

Photo shooting and filming in the picturesque romantic Heidelberg

Heidelberg offers a variety of beautiful places and romantic localities, which are not only for the wedding celebration, but also as a background for beautiful photographs and wedding film. From the preparations of the wedding through the wedding ceremony to the reception and your wedding celebration with family and guests I will accompany you discreetly in the background at all moments. Wether you get married in the Registry Office of the Heidelberg town hall or the environment and / or wedding ceremony takes place in a church, I hold the special moments of the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding ceremony in your wedding location for unforgettable memories.

In the Pair shooting we create romantic places of Heidelberg wonderful portraits of you as a bride and the couple together. Predestined scenes such as on the “old bridge”, at the charming historic streets and squares in the old town, on the Heidelberg Castle with its beautiful castle garden, the philosopher’s path, the King Chair, at the gate of Karl, vineyards, opens up the natural Idyll of the Odenwald, the mountain railway or the picturesque villages of the Heidelberg area.

We do individually and together as a couple pictures of your wedding with all of its elements, as well as for you. Particularly advantageous processes, the ceremonies, the personal speeches, speeches, statements and declarations in the moving image can be immortalized in a wedding film audio-visual. In the film of the romantic wedding of Marie Luise and Jürgen in Heidelberg in summer 2015 produced by us here you will receive an exemplary insight of our wedding movies. [huge_it_portfolio id=”5″]

Your wedding photographer in Heidelberg – magical pictures and wedding movies for eternity

As a passionate wedding photographer in Heidelberg and Baden-Württemberg with the sense of romance and the professional attention to detail, I will accompany you to your unique day. Authentic, natural and creative we can put together fantastic photos and movies from your dream wedding in the romantic Heidelberg and thus create vivid memories which remain forever in you and get constantly reminded of this great, emotional and joyous occasion.

Grit Erlebach - Wedding Photographer

Grit Erlebach - Wedding Photographer

My name is Grit Erlebach. I am based in Berlin, but I am available as a wedding photographer throughout Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.
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