Wedding photographer Rügen – fantastic wedding images between sea and island Idyll

The island of Rügen from the Pomeranian Baltic coast in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is not only a very desirable vacation spot, but also a paradise for your wedding. The wedding by the sea and Islands exerts a special fascination and especially on the Green Island of Rügen, which is surrounded by picturesque bays, lagoons, the deep blue Baltic Sea, beautiful beaches and the characteristic white chalk cliffs. Not only the island’s inhabitants, but also brides and grooms from other regions like to marry at Rügen. Whether in the Church, on the Registrar’s Office or at the beach, the island Rügen opened with its stunning coastline, the beautiful sea panorama, the fantastic countryside and its charming villages and beautiful cities a ravishingly beautiful, idyllic and romantic ambience, truly ideal for marriage and the wedding ceremony for the big day and is also the same for the subsequent honeymoon.

As a nationwide and internationally active wedding photographer from Berlin I will accompany you on your dream Island wedding on Rugen. I was allowed already to accompany some Wedding couples as a wedding photographer in Rügen, witness their wedding on this paradise island of the Baltic Sea, and with them create beautiful wedding memories. Every wedding is individual, unique and something very special, so I gladly customize together impressive, romantic, soulful and authentic wedding photography, portraits, reportages and also wedding movies from your big day alive forever with you.
Photo shoot and wedding film on the Rügen island paradise
Sun, sea, gentle fresh sea breezes, magnificent panoramas, idyllic places, romantic places and a bridal couple with his family, friends and acquaintances on the big day of the marriage. Weddings on Rügen become a dream wedding, as you imagine it. I will accompany you on your wedding day from the completion to the ceremony, on the way to the Church, to the Registrar’s Office or the place of the wedding ceremony, your appearance as bride and groom during the wedding ceremony to the subsequent wedding celebration. While you are the focus of the day, I have in the background all the big and small moments as well as all the details with the camera in the background at a glance and hold it for you.
In the separate newlyweds shooting we rise together fantastic memories of your togetherness and personality as a couple. The island of Rügen offers with its many stunning locations on the sea, the chalk coast, in the wild landscape and the attractive sights, as for example the famous tree-lined avenues, Cape Arkona, the piers, the seaside resorts, the port of Sassnitz, the Granitz Hunting Castle or the romantic medieval churches in the brick Gothic style, underline very many localities that offer themselves as a setting and emphasize the romance of the moment.
I can also record both your wedding with all its elements and wonderful moments photographically in expressive images as cinematically live in a wedding video. Wedding films not only the events, moments and emotions in motion picture can be presented audio-visually, but also statements of you at the wedding, of your witnesses, families and guests, or even messages and statements about your relationship with all natural feelings, gestures and votes are held real forever. An example of a wedding movie I created offers the wedding of Ludmilla and Thomas on Rügen. Link:

Your wedding photographer and filmmaker for romantic wedding memories at Rügen

As a wedding photographer in Rügen, I will immortalize your wedding with all of its moving moments, elevation points, participants, broadcasts and the influence of the breathtakingly beautiful island background of Rügen in authentic and romantic wedding photographs as well as in a new tangible repeatedly beautiful wedding film. Both photos and video film, both have their own independent merits. Together, photography and film can immerse you and your future generations in the future in the events and experiences up to the smallest detail of your dream wedding on Rugen.

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