Manuela and Jürgen – Wedding Schlosshotel Grunewald

Manuela and Jürgen got married in the registry office Schmargendorf. The son of Jürgen and the daughter of Manuela accompanied the wedding couple as witnesses. It was nice for me to see how emotionally the couple and their children felt the ceremony. Then we went to the Castle Hotel in Grunewald for a free wedding ceremony in the castle garden where all the friends and relatives gathered. Set in a canopy that was fringed with roses, the marriage of Jürgen Ferrary was celebrated. After the congratulations we went to the couple shooting. The Castle Hotel in Grunewald offers many possibilities, both the romantic outdoor motives and the stylishly decorated interiors. The Castle Hotel in Grunewald was personally redesigned by Karl Lagerfeld in the early 1990s after its reopening, which also explains the stylish setting. After the shooting of the couple, we went to dinner. The Castle Hotel is known for its exquisite cuisine, this is also a reason why the bridal couple chose this location. The evening began with an opening dance, it was celebrated until late into the night. We thanked for the hospitality, the delicious food and the beautiful atmosphere and wished the couple all the best.