Church Wedding – Wedding in church – Church Photographer

The church wedding is a very special moment in the common life of the future spouses. Since the couple does not only exchange their vows in front of the registrar, but swear to eternal loyalty to God. As a sacrament, where the firm relationship should be experienced anew and reaffirmed with Jesus Christ. We as Wedding photographers pay due respect to this great moment, moving discreetly in the background and keeping these moments for you and your loved ones for eternity. Especially in church marriages it is important to own the right equipment because it often must be photographed without flash, in order not to disturb the atmosphere with the bright light. Evocative church images became a cherished routine for me through my many years of experience, with well over 200 weddings photographed. Especially nice are the various ceremonies, whether Roman Catholic, Evangelic, Protestant etc.
Speak to the minister about the details of the wedding and whether it is possible for it to be photographed the whole time, so that you have memories of your wedding.

In church weddings it is important to book appointments early and to coordinate.
The most popular churches are often booked well in advance. And in any case, the civil marriage would have to be completed before the church wedding.
For the Protestant wedding ceremony you will need:

Baptism certificate (available at the parish office, where you were baptized) and a confirmation certificate.
Marriage certificate of civil marriage (you get at the registry office).
the registration notice of the home community.
the marriage talk to the priest.

For the Catholic wedding you will need:

Baptism certificate
Certificate of civil marriage
Wedding rings
possibly devotional objects (rosary, gotteslob), which shall be blessed
and optionally a bride’s candle